Listeners Dependency Injection

Mike Aizatsky / Fabrique Project Manager / JetBrains

Listeners and events are widely used in modern application. This article finds a way to explicitly define listener-based component dependencies in generic IoC container. The method leads to simplifying listener code, separation of event delivery logic as well as defines listener dependencies in analyzable way. These benefits are used to solve common problems with listeners: the order of event notifications and the problem of exponential growth of events in system with many components.

TMate — new look at the good old CVS

Alexander Kitaev / Founder and CEO / TMate Software

Sometimes it is just a question of right tools that helps to use VCS smarter. This article introduces TMate — an IntelliJ IDEA plug–in that helps developers to get most of the CVS — the most popular version control system.

What's good and what's bad about profiling nowadays

Anton Katilin / Co-founder and CEO / YourKit

There are lots of developers who already understand the necessity of performance tuning of Java application. They know about profilers, and most likely use them in everyday developer’s life. These people reasonably ask: why should we use this or that tool, why one is better than another, and finally which one is the best?

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Omea Tokaj

Of the four main aspects of Omea (Read, Organize, Handle and Find), the Tokaj release mostly focuses on the Read and Organize aspects. The main new organization feature is the addition of Web browser plugins. The plugins...

JetBrains .NET Tools in 2005

...However, 2004 was just the opening salvo in what promises to be a more determined and intensified effort at bringing the same productivity enhancing and intelligent development features to the .NET world that many Java developers continue to experience with IntelliJ IDEA...

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