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Fabrique: integration with IntelliJ IDEA

We have changed the strategy a bit, so we are making the Fabrique IDE now as an extension to IntelliJ IDEA rather than a separate tool.
So basically you will be able to enable Fabrique support in IDEA, create a Fabrique module, define all the pages and business model, use your existing classes from other modules to create a working web application, plus get all the features of IDEA for working with regular Java code you can be using in Fabrique apps. We are planning to continue the EAP of Fabrique right when the EAP for IDEA 5.0 starts. And this time we want to make it immediately available for every IDEA user. We hope this will simplify the adoption and speed up the development.

Eugene Belyaev,
CTO, JetBrains

Omea Reader: my personal reading environment

We all know how it feels, working on different projects, trying to sync with the latest news, keep up with what our professional environment generates: weblogs, sites, newsgroup messages. It takes my time. It makes me install several applications and run them simultaneously. I want to know all important news as soon as they arrive and set up different notifications in those apps… I am tired of the problem. So are my bosses. So is my team.

Omea family of tools that we are now working on here at JetBrains is right about this: to let us work with different information resources in just one application. The first (smaller) member of the family is already released: Omea Reader 1.0.

Omea Reader was designed as a convenient all-in-one RSS aggregator, newsgroup reader and bookmark manager. Moreover, it provides all set tools for searching, reading, organizing and managing these resources. My favorites are:

Download it and use it - Omea Reader is free till the end of the year. Tell us what you find useful, what features would you like to see in the next release. We'll be happy to see you on our online forum or at the Omea Reader public newsgroup (jetbrains.omea.reader at the server And if you prefer personal correspondence, our email is

Sasha Maximova,
User Experience Designer, JetBrains

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